You Deserve a healthy Life : Episode : 01 : Blood Pressure is Important

Blood pressure is too much important. You can’t just ignore if you have any problem regarding this. Blood is the medium which is circulating and coordinating throughout the body, supporting all the living activities inside us. So, any abnormalities with it can cause any danger for us.

High blood pressure is always threat to normal health. In future it will certainly create problems for our physiology. High pressure of blood means extra strain on our arteries and heart too. If it continues this way, it will cause thickening of arteries. Therefore, arteries will lose flexibility and will become weaker.
Thicker and less flexible arteries will lose the cross sectional diameter to a narrow width and can become clogged up. This is the reason of blood clot inside, causing heart attack, dementia, kidney failures or stroke.

So, it is obvious we need to monitor and control our blood pressure as much as we can. How it is possible? Let’s discuss it.

The problem is actually hidden in us. Honestly, we are not leading our life in a healthy style at all. We have regular malpractices in our daily activities, improper food habits, sleeping irregularities etc. So, we need to focus on our lifestyle first.