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Why to break the shackles when you are thin enough to squeeze out through it?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Today's generation is craving for something. Everyone out here is having problems , getting depressed but unable to share! They themselves don't know what they really need. We all are waking up half asleep , breakfast stuffed in a hurry , doing a nine to five work , doing our responsibility and going off to sleep! Now the question comes what do we lack? Everything we are doing is for our sake but without pleasure. We feel more disgusted if we don't have atleast these things to be done. No matter we have work or not we are bored! Simply bored! What's wrong then? What we want? We want freedom! We want time! We have lost something! That's known as 'interest'! We have lost the zeal to live! I have often heard people claiming they aren't happy with their lives...they want to leave everything and travel the world. I have heard people claiming their work is boring and they just want to take up something creative and some others telling they simply want to give up their creativity and make money. Now, the question is why to break the shackles when you are thin enough to squeeze out through it? I won't tell a the office person to leave their job and go out with a guitar or I won't say the creative one to start learning, infact I'm no one to say!

But , I'd say if it helps anyone. The office man can simply sit with his old skills and nurture them after work or the creative one can simply start of their own YouTube channel! We don't need to sit down and cry for freedom but we need to find it from among the moments we are living each day. Time can't be extended beyond this 24 hours but can be taken out from this 24 hours itself. To travel the world it's not necessary to go out at once leaving home, job, family, friends for eternity and going as happiness is only when it's shared! One requires guts to visit the extremes alone! But, of course one can enjoy holidays! Alone or with others! For that you don't need a forever break from anyone or anything! Why are we just crying for things we don't dare to do? If you dare do it...if you don't find a way of doing it! You dare or not if you want it by heart there's always a way, just seek for it!

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