Have you heard the word 'Musing"? According to dictionary, musing is a period of characteristic of deep thought and reflection. To be honest I searched the meaning of it on the internet. I read a few musing quotes and came to this conclusion that writing musings is damn difficult. You need to have refined thought process at the same time a perspective to extract the odd emotion out of it. It fascinated me to a great extent.

Creating musing content is tough but suddenly this also evoked in my mind that somewhere our life is no less than book full of musings. Every happening be it a petty issue or of national importance, our conscience do get pricked by them and this lead us to a state of deep thinking. That period is simply a musing.

However there is something more difficult than just pen musing. It can all be summed up in a word 'LIFE'. It would be a cowardly act if I entitle life is too difficult to live, but the job screws up when things, choices, desires, plans, ambitions and above all the self egoistic impulses doesn't go parallel to what is expected. We crumble on the way to cope with the motivation which is our expectation that it will constantly motivate us. Self ego soon engulf us like a mosquito within hitting range of hands. With a blink of an eye and puff......

Every day when we start pacing to make both end meets we plan out our day of work. Almost in 99% cases it doesn't turn out so. What we make as a mistake is that we fail to keep a plan B for the day. We blame, fall apart in despair and curse a so called supernatural power which is invisible. If you can dart our thoughts on an invisible spirit then why cannot we infuse just the basic sense to bounce back in the mortal, flesh and blood We?