Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Upon pages and pages of entries, We've put down all our emotions. But, now I've hit a writer's block And Now I dont know how to finish this page anymore. Putting a bookmark in my diary, You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster.

Let's go out to our secret place, Where we piled up our bricks of forgotten memories. We ran up the hill, where we can see the horizon, where we can see the sky so fearfully blue. With cider in my right hand My other hand helps me search for you.

You used to come back being so bored When you used to demand of me so much more. You are still standing right by my side yet why do I pray to see you again? There is something off with me.

It's the end of the summer season I spent with you, do not forget it Dear.... Our dreams of the future, and the high hopes we nurture. Our most Treasured Memories....

Our meeting was abrupt on the intersection of your way home. You said , "let's go home together," didn't you? I was really, truly happy. Aa, I grow a little sad when u went away with your dad. Like the winds flows along with time As the fireworks flowers on the bime.

With lot of joyment,excitement and with a subtle indulging, We also did a lot of exploring, didn't we? Within the secret place for the carefree you and the sophisticated me. Our dreams and high hopes we hold! It's the end of the summer season U spent with me, do not forget.