Life is supposed to be beautiful. But,most of us finds it difficult to comprehend the real beauty of life. Why? Because most of us hear negative stories about life while growing up. Kids are barred on with restrictions even before they begins to grow their own logic. We all provide kids with prejudice about the world and try to stop them from doing mistakes which we've already done. Why? Is it because we're afraid of the consequences? Well, no. We are afraid of the memories which are going to be left with us after we do something tragic.

It's not possible to remove memories from human brain just like we can do in case of a computer memory or a phone memory. Human brain doesn't provides the delete button. Now the question is,how do humans forget memories? Very simple, you want to forget a box full of negativities, you forget the key to the box. Yes, once a human brain forgets the key to remember the memory, it eventually forgets the memory too.

Life provides us with various challenges. These are the challenges we have to take upon in order to grow ourselves and deal with our daily lives. And sometimes these memories become a difficult challenge. Good friends getting lost due to bitterness, poisonous people getting eliminated in life, betrayals, heartbreak, failures and toxicities,all these memories bring in immense pain and hatred for the person in front.