We've lost faith on humans. The new decade brought in with itself immense hate and suffering from the previous decade . It also lost the faith on humans and left it in the previous decade. You may ask me , "Where do you see hate? There's no war." COVID-19 spreading from China , the whole world is burning in fear of death. If this is not hate then what is? How many of you really think that it's just by accident? I hope the numbers are very less. The pandemic has to be intentional. We are seeing selfless doctors and other health professionals risking their lives to save millions of people. Though they are establishing faith on humanity but are we having faith on humans? The answer is NO.

We are doubting anybody and everybody who has even one symptom of COVID-19. We are telling them to get tested. We are doubting the person delivering food. We are even doubting our friends and co-workers. Social distancing is definitely prevention, but what about the doubt popping up in our minds? *DOUBT* is like a crack in the society as well as in the people's mind. The whole world going through this pandemic will forever carry the fear or doubt regarding contamination and another viral outbreak.

Nobody is sure how long we will live the way we are living now. Nobody can give a certainty about things being normal. All we can do is *try* . Try not to panic. Try not to be doubtful and try to restore our lost faith.

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Srijani Das