Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Leaning against the window that day, she saw the sky was at war with Mars for his adulterous mistress, Venus. The chaotic hailstorm, the fidgeting lightning. The gloomy rain crystals hitting her eyes, they glided down her supple cheeks. And she gulped her 'Adulterated Life'. The mortal fear whispered an immortal tale  in her ears, "it will persist forever". With a hoarse jerk it evoked her ever tempered conscience, that mankind's forever fear was ultimately 'A Truth and a Lie.' In her case, it was both. " At certain juncture of life, man loses control over the elemental powers and eventually their 'Life'. Thereafter, their life resorts to fate. That's the only sinful lie I once believed."

With a sigh of relief she exclaimed again,

"However and whatever be the choice, the action is under the lustful desire of 'Want', there evokes the greatest truth that the desire is born in the soul of the 'Universe' as the only mission on Earth." Lifting her heavy head she turned around and went back to her laptop to work again. (Man is just a mere puppet of compulsion and is tamed by the sarcasm of 'Fear').