How can I be a good writer?

Hey, is this your question too? Actually I have this question in my mind and I do not know the exact answer for that. Perhaps I am being little disappointing while starting this article. But being honest, I must say you that, there is no such formulated answer or guidelines for being a good writer step by step. But, wait a minute my dear friend! Do not be so disappointed so early. Just read it carefully with a bit of attention. So, here you are.

Yeah, it’s certain that there is no perfect formula for that. But we have the scopes to find out the ways, the format and writing style of great authors. I personally have tried a lot to find out the unique style of their writing skills. Sometime I got opportunity to get connected with them and asked them about their secret of good writings. Obviously, they did not provide me any formulated way but they discussed me the practices they did before they achieved their present skill. I took the knowledge from their sharing and now it’s my duty to public it clearly.

· Be a Good Reader First

It’s a very clear thought and nothing secret at all. If one can read well, he or she can find out the motive, style and way of any writer’s skill. The way an author starts, narr