How many of us thinks greed to be an emotion ? Greed is not an emotion it, it is a character trait which is formed through constant repitition. A person who is consumed by greed becomes utterly fixated on the object of his or her greed. We all are no more school-going nursery kids that the story "Greedy dog" who lost his bone in the hope of getting two, would be enough to teach us a lesson. In modern times, due to modernization and urbanization, we have gained pace in our lives. Sometimes, people who are unable to handle their situational stress , summons the short cut of greed. Greed is also associated with negative emotional states such as stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and despair. We see maladaptive behaviour such as gambling, scavenging, hoarding, trickery, theft and manipulation. Too much of anything, ruins everything. A greedy person is not liked by many. He or she is so attached to his or her objects or possessions that they may not even value the basics of life.

According to me , greed is an anti-social behaviour as it brings in nothing good for the society or anyone except the one who's greedy. Psychologically, greed is known to be born out of strong survival instincts which gives rise to an existential anxiety, though it is mostly a subconscious thought, yet it is expressed in our daily life behaviour. Whenever this existential anxiety rises above our unconscious to our conscious mind, we tend to console and comfort ourselves through culture and religion. Many people get stuck at that point of their lives as they are not strong enough or educated enough to question our culture and religion.

We see greedy people to be more religious and not a single religion or religious person is an exception here. Exploitations occur in the name of God. But , when greed creeps in , does really God exist anymore? Think about it.

Srijani Das

#greed #psychology #commonsense