Games are Just a Digital Counterparts of Humans

Updated: May 3, 2021

       The year 2019 tended to go to extremes for me. Like other 1.5 million students I cleared the board exams or beta-testing and was ready to be launched into the market i.e. I was in the final development stage prior to be available to the outside world. This year I purposefully made myself isolated to focus my attention to the unpredictable future. The initial days after release were very difficult with various rivals at bay. A single mistake of mine was and is sufficient to ruin all the years of development and required rebuilding from scrap which is practically impossible at this point in time. The first two series of tests were not much good. Since then I have been fixing all my bugs which I find to be near obsolete now as they are no more effective. So I have been reworking for a radical change in my system and I feel a major update is required in me to recapture my former position prior to beta-testing.

Last year saw me to undertake various activities and projects which were not of much significance for present tests but the gathered experience may surely help in future. I am now in such a situation where I am forced to develop myself for upcoming tests in order to be "just" accessible to the commonfolk rather than augmenting features to be more "user friendly" to everyone. It can be said for myself that short-term objectives are dominating long-term objectives for the first time, a vicious circle which is seemingly impossible to smash through. Year 2019 was nothing but a test of my compatibility and a scope of improvement along with a serious warning of failure to periodic updates. Waves upon waves of frequent updates are in line to be done in my system whose details I am not going to disclose in order to not cause any unnecessary trouble to the reader; and I hope positive outcomes out of it. In the end, I can still see a room for refinement and be an ever dynamic and a useful platform catering the needs of the world.