It will be not a wrong notion to say that life is turning out to be a machine with no Stop button. We every day, at a particular hour step out of our niche to run into an undesired halo to fulfill the basic need of our family life. It is the desire of the materialistic society that mostly we try to fulfill and that’s what we exclaim as our Job life. Now you might retort back then what about passion and the willingness of an individual? There are several men and women who enjoy their day to day activities.
Now I would like to ask you, do they complaint that it is my job life? I doubt they do. It’s the mental pressure that compels you to absurdly act for whatever you do.

So this blog for them who are frustrated with their job life and life is compelling them to accept it. It is my small step not to cure the wound permanently, but provide you a momentary pleasure.

If life is taking a toll on you, don’t judge it from the vision of society. My fellow readers always remember “Suffering is very personal. Very few will lend a hand but even if they try they cannot suffer the mental trauma of yours.”

According to me, take a break. Escape, escape to the land you aspire for. Break the locks of confinement and throw the keys behind your imagination. The so-called literate society might entitle you as a “Skipper” so what? They are not in your shoes. They are not You.