Empathy : The Mind-Power

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In this journey of the modern era, the major challenge we face daily is to develop the interpersonal relationship among us within a society to stay and function together. The world is consisting of enormous variability with a lot of shades of human characteristics, personalities, and their thought process. Everyone in this world has his/her very own reality which is only clear to him or herself. This version of their reality is certainly limited by their sense, temperaments, and experiences on their ground. But when we want to grow by our personality, interpersonal behavior skills in society, we must know these realities of other persons. In the role of leadership, these skills certainly needed to acquire to perform in the team game. Here, empathy can interface between one's perspectives to another person's perceptions of reality. Empathy enhances the ability of social animals to communicate interpersonally to understand and connect with others in society and it is always helpful to understand another person's emotional states.

Supramarginal Gyrus inside our human brain indicates the differences between the emotional states of ourselves with another person and always plays a vital role to access another person's mental state what they are experiencing in their reality. This sense of fellow feeling has been extended by the active involvement of mirror neurons located in our brain anatomy which enables us to feel the same phase of emotion what another person is feeling at that very moment of our interaction. But to some extent, it is the role of our subconscious reflexes initially and at this point practicing acquiring special abilities of empathy can take lead for us in better ways to connect with other people with a different state of mind.

We should be observant of others building up positive curiosity about what they are living in and feeling in their reality. Active listening to others certainly helps us in this regard to sense them. Listening slowly and patiently, taking time for considering what they are trying to communicate can lead us to avoid word combat and to respond effectively. Empathy guides us to understand the deeper motivation inside other persons by learning their experiences, building up mutual understanding. This will certainly develop a way of sharing a common purpose to work together and keeping ourselves open-minded to the world.