Contagious Affection

"Optimism is contagious." They say.

If that were the case then what we need is a person with profound knowledge, a list of plans and actions to apply them. Life would have been simple to be executed. Does it works? No. What is indeed contagious is FEAR. The fear to lose the hope of optimism is contagious. The fear of adulthood. the constant fear of not finding someone for passing the rest of life and then suddenly when it will be too late (according to the despised society) you will choose a wrong person and spend the rest of the life convincing yourself that he or she is the right person. To have someone in life is not always a blessing. The time when " just for security" will turn into "Overwhelming love" is too short. If the reason to care is not mutual and affection is a one-sided affair then sustaining in a relationship is a never-ending process. But do we get attached for processing? The process is the time invested in exploring each other. The deeper is the connectivity the wiser it turns. After years of processing, a day arrives when life compiles it and yes You are Happy! But what if suddenly one morning you wake up and find that you are so undone. The mirth is lost though you have everything as you wanted. Then you will realize there is more to be explored. The reason being there is always a door left open, an unexplored possibility and even when everything seems okay, it is not. the process doesn't start all over again. It simplifies the new adventure as a bond is already created. But the human instinct and mortal fear of unwanted loss mess the situation altogether. What we all need is a deep conversation with the concerned love. If it has come so far that means there was an undetachable string. Thus, admire the presence and speak your heart out before the last string gets detached. #Contagious #Fear #Optimism #Life