Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Whenever we see someone very close to us is suffering we feel sympathetic towards them. The softcore humanism expresses out to help them. But when it is about oneself then we usually retort back.

We forget to lend that hand for us and curse the very existence. The very first emotion we project is disgust followed by sorrow, depression, and irritation.

We beat ourselves for our mistakes, judge ourselves through the negative vibes within us, and thus lead oneself to suffer the traumatic aches of mental convulsions. So easily we let others judge yourself. We accept what society portrays us.

The simplest yet the most mysterious example is exams result. The marks you obtain is the tool to judge your character. The better you score the more you can boast about it. And if you fail then it is the onset of the cruelest phase of your life. The nightmares lead you to a state of absolute dismal and gradually succumbs the self- confidence within you. Amidst this chaotic situation, an individual usually repents to the mistakes he or she has already committed. But instead of repentance, if the focus is on the realization of what is the gain in the entire story of failure that is what changes lives. The first priority we usually pay to the negative vibes procuring around. However, the self- esteem is brought back by discovering the points of positivity in the entire action.

Try to self-accept oneself. Accept your personality, your own mindset. Love and take care of your skin, body, hair before you do it for others.